Lost My Spunk

Sunday, February 19, 2006

cold ...cold cold..

well God blessed me a save trip back home today,now I get to go to work for the next 4 days.. haha what a life. Had a good weekend at the ranch with my honey, got to save a frozen baby calf, that was so wonderful..I rubbed that little baby from 11:30 until 3"30 but she is doing wonderful today,her was froze nearly to death,I got to her just in time.she is a red with white face helfer,is what they told me .she is a blessing to me thou, God sent me to take care of her,today before I left the ranch I went to see her and say bye. she just baaahh at me, made me think she knew ,I was the one that saved her life..so sweet and cute. the trip was very slow home it's only about 78 or 80 miles,but it took me nearly three hour to drive home roads were so slick with snow and ice ..it was only like 8 wind chill,very cold .. God Be with all that might read this and know I love you ..


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