Lost My Spunk

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Glad to back;

well as you can see I've been gone for a while and has it ever been rough. Now let . me write it down and get it all off my mind.. Hehehe. had some good days and some not so good, so lets say about the good days first.My honey , Billy Dean is so happy with his new ranch job and I'm so proud of him for getting it and working so hard,he never seems to amaze me. what a super guy,I'm really so lucky that he has put up with me for so many years,I ah asure you it hasn't been easy..I do love him so very much ,truely..ok that was a good time spent with him.. another wonderful day or night was when the two most important ladies, in our life went with me to pick up his check, we had so much fun, ole did we laughed, it is so nice to have a beautiful,smart ,fun loving daughter and grand daughter,.You never no how much they mean to you until you have that special time together then its over and you don't want it to be because your sad then,I love being with them so much they truely are my sunshine here on this earth.that was a blessed evening for sure.. Now my job really sucks, I 've work anywhere from 125 hours everyweek for the last 6 months and I'm tire,so I told my BOSS I wanted to only work 4 days a week ,that still gives me 88 hour 4 the 2 weeks pay, well that was really nice for 2 weeks now it's back to the can you work this weekend we need you so bad. well what part of 4 days is all I want..no they just can't get that in there heads.so I'm working this weekend again,but told them no more just this time or I would turn in my two weks notice.so guess we will see ....well got this off my chest,thinks for listening,be back tomorrow .hope everyone has a great night.


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