Lost My Spunk

Monday, February 13, 2006


hey I'm back. what a great weekend at the ranch..was so wonderful...then my girls, girls meaning Ronda and Shea came to see me and Bill, we went the eat at western sizzles,it was neat and good that the girls came and made our day even better...then Sunday me and Bill went shopping then I came home around 7:00,left our 2 dogs with Bill so it is just me and Rowdy here for the next few days and he is getting all the loving and not having to share with the other dogs and he is eating it up.bless his heart.Rowdy is a yorkie dog ,so sweet and little.I'm really getting use too him...I've had my other dogs for years,like they are my kids,you know..I've only had Rowdy for a few months,but he is neat little dog..ok thats enough on my dogs..Work was great today also.good to be back at work, I like working. can't really see me not working,I've worked all my life..seems like anyway hehe..well guess I better shut up , if you are reading this hope you have a BLESSED DAY, GOD loves you and me .2.


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