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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

what a life

well I'm back,sorry i've been so busy,but it's been fun..I've totally enjoyed myself these last few days.I've been with my daughter and granddaughter and there church group and it was so marvelous.friday Ronda and I went to Norman and it was so great ,we always have so much fun, we share the same good taste in life,dillards.lol
great afternoon with her anyway. Then on saturday got to spend time with Shea, .as always we had a great time also. then Sunday afternoon after work I went to spend time with their church group,watching the football game ,eating and played some cards with the nices girls I've met in so long ,. we again had a blast.. Then there is The Pastor Danny and His wife, what a great pair of young kids,they really make you feel so good and what a pleasure to be around, if we had more people like them two what a wonderful world this would be we live in.. I'm so serious they are the greatest young couple ,it's my honor ,just to be aroud them and get to smile.. My Ronda loves them so much and honey I sure know why. GREAT COUPLE . GOD LOVES THEM AND SO DO WE>>keep the good work up you two.,I've really enjoyed fellowshipping with them so much that I went back Wednesday night to share their Bible study and eating , I feel so at ease with the whole bunch of them,really a nice bunch of church people.Just want to say Thanks for allowing me to share it with you all.....
thursday going to the Ranch for 3 days so will let you know how it goes when I get back home late sundat night, .Ronda if you read this I love you honey and have a blessed week end.


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